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Heart Energy~Clearing and Healing the Heart~ “The heart is the sun of our cellular universe.”  It is the sentient organ which manages the brain. It perceives and feels. The heart is 60 times greater electrically than the brain, and 5,000 times greater magnetically than the brain (Greg Braden). The Brain can be compared to the […]

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Job Club Radio Interview of Trudy Barnes, LMT

Job Club Radio with Trudy Barnes, LMT

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The Power of Clear Boundaries!

Today as I worked with some clients, I clearly saw anew how powerful clear boundaries are in living a life of freedom, joy, energy and creativity! I define ‘clear boundaries’ as knowing what IS my responsibility, and what is NOT in my life.  It is being accountable for my choices, thoughts, feelings, and actions.  A […]

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The Breath of Life: Healing With Your Breath

There is a basic relationship between breathing and life energy, or ‘chi’. It holds the key to calmness, physical health, and clear thinking. Breathing is the key to meditation. When we slow and deepen our breath, we assist our digestion, begin to relax, slow down the heart, help balance our blood pressure, sleep deeper, increase […]

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SOMATO EMOTIONAL RELEASE: What the body is telling us about our emotions

The longer I work with my clients, and notice where their bodies hold stress, the more I see the connection between what they are feeling emotionally, and how they feel physically. Most of us don’t recall consciously what our emotions are at a certain time unless there is trauma associated with the memory. Even then, […]

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